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  • Blog: Community Collaboration

    How does London Ventures try to address some of London’s biggest challenges? Through collaboration; we collaborate with local authorities, charities, the private sector, researchers, policy leads and the people who are affected by these challenges. This is so we can bring a variety of perspectives together to develop innovative solutions to the biggest challenges in London: innovation through collaboration.

  • Blog: Children and Families Youth Hackathon

    Amidst the skyscrapers of Docklands on 3 October 2018, students from two Lambeth schools arrived at the EY offices for the Children and Families Youth Hackathon. One group wore black blazers with green stripes and the others were wearing purple blazers with multi-coloured ties.

  • Blog: Different hats for different perspectives

    What’s your natural approach when you hear a new idea, a new solution or a new way of doing things? Is your instinct to consider the advantages and benefits, the challenges and risks or do you want to know the facts and figures?  Can you easily change your initial approach to analysing a new idea?

  • Blog: Children and Families Hackathon

    Thursday 21 June – Over 60 passionate individuals gathered to launch our ‘find the solution’ stage with our children and families’ hackathon. The aim of the hackathon was to provide a creative, collaborative space for representatives from local authorities, central government the third sector, and innovators to generate a range of solutions to the challenges faced by vulnerable children and their families.  

  • Blog: The House of St Barnabas

    Last Wednesday, The House of St Barnabas hosted a London Ventures event in their beautiful chapel in Soho. They are a London charity that strives to help homeless people get back into work. We talked about our four proposed solutions to tackling one of London’s biggest issues: temporary accommodation, homelessness and the housing crisis.

  • Blog: Dragons' Den

    On 19th June the London Ventures team held a Dragons’ Den session with members of the Capital Ambition Board (CAB) in order to short-list concepts identified through London Ventures targeted work around homelessness, housing and temporary accommodation.

  • Blog: Homelessness Hackathon

    On Monday 13th March we held our first Solution Hackathon, bringing together passionate and creative thinkers from a range of sectors to find innovative ideas to tackle homelessness.

  • Blog: Something Ventured

    On Thursday 23 February we held our London Ventures launch event. 

  • Blog: Our Think Tank Thinks Big

    On 18 January we held our first think tank workshop to explore the challenges and potential opportunities around our strategic issue of homelessness, housing and temporary accommodation.

  • Targeted Ventures

    Our targeted ventures focus on the key challenges that local councils face. We work with councils and a range of other partners to develop innovative solutions to these challenges.