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Sector-led improvement

London local government has a strong history of collaboration, which encompasses political and professional structures and networks, and a commitment to supporting the success of London as a whole.

London Councils is committed to the principles of sector-led improvement, encouraging boroughs to work together to drive their own improvement and to be accountable for their performance to local communities.

London Councils provides an overall coherence to London’s engagement with national improvement programmes. London Councils also supports a range of chief officer and professional networks across the capital that come together to share issues and matters of common interest to drive improvement through mutual support and challenge.

Local Authority Performance Solution (LAPS)

Facilitated by London Councils, the Local Authority Performance Solution (LAPS) is a project to share, compare and analyse local performance data collected by London boroughs. The overall aim is to enable London local government to drive up comparable performance on the issues that are important to Londoners.

With data provided quarterly, LAPS delivers timely and relevant information to enable participating authorities to identify potential areas for improvement and to highlight where there may be examples of innovation or best practice – helping drive up performance for all boroughs.

As part of the LAPS benchmarking service, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) is in place to clarify the roles and responsibilities of all relevant parties.  All participating boroughs have signed up to the MoU as an indication of their commitment to the process.

London Councils continues to work with boroughs to ensure LAPS remains a valuable performance analysis tool for London local government.

Performance data

Project contact: Mary-Ann Domman