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Latest member briefing

  • London Infrastructure Framework

    This briefing alerts members to the London Infrastructure Framework, which has been developed with the boroughs by the economic consultancy Metro Dynamics and through close working with the Greater London Authority and Transport for London. The framework will help to address the social and economic challenges that London faces by promoting more efficient planning and delivery of infrastructure and enabling a more united pan-London voice to support projects in accessing funding. 


  • Findings of the Hewitt Review into Oversight and Governance of Integrated Care Systems

    Read our summary of the Hewitt Review, and how it might impact care in London.

  • Victims and Prisoners Bill

    This briefing outlines what the Bill means for victims’ support, the parole system and prisoners, and explores the implications for London local authorities.

  • A summary of Powering Up Britain – The UK Government’s latest announcements on net zero and adaptation

    Find out what this set of policy documents means for London and local governments across the country, and our response to it.

  • Member Briefing: Asylum Dispersal

    This briefing updates members on the latest situation regarding asylum dispersals following the government's decision, in March 2022, to move to a full asylum dispersal model supported by grant funding.

  • Maximising the impact of the Household Support Fund in Supporting Low-Income Londoners

    This briefing outlines a number of key design principles for maximising the impact of locally delivered financial support, which boroughs may find useful in developing and implementing their Household Support Fund schemes for 2023/24.

    This briefing is not intended to be prescriptive but reflects examples of best practice that councils may wish to consider when delivering their Household Support Fund schemes.

  • Member Briefing: Spring Budget 2023

    The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, delivered his first Budget on 15th March 2023. This announcement outlined a set of measures aimed at maintaining progress on the Prime Minister’s key priorities of halving inflation, reducing debt, and stimulating economic growth. Alongside this fiscal event, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) published its economic and fiscal forecasts. The key policy announcements relating to public spending and local government are summarised below:

  • Member Briefing: UK Resilience Framework

    The events of the last few years, including the Covid-19 pandemic and increasingly severe weather events due to climate change, have brought the importance of having a sound national resilience system into ever-sharper focus. The UK Government Resilience Framework is the first articulation of the government’s plan to broaden and strengthen the systems underpinning national resilience to all civil contingency risks. This briefing explores the package of measures it sets out, and what it means for London local authorities.

  • Adult social care funding announcements

    On Monday 9 January, the government announced an extra £200 million funding for hospital discharge, the latest of several recent updates from the government relating to adult social care (ASC) funding.

    These wider announcements in recent months include:

  • Protect Duty

    At a time when the UK’s terror threat is growing in complexity, the Home Office has highlighted that counter terrorism security efforts in publicly accessible locations (PALs) often fall behind legally required activities. In response, the government have announced details of a Protect Duty, which aims to formalise the responsibilities and actions that locations must take to mitigate the risk of a terrorist attack.