Who to contact about Taxicard

Contacting the right organisation with your question will save you time and money.

General enquiries: how the scheme works and the application process

Please contact the London Councils Taxicard team with general enquiries about how the scheme works and the application process.

Use our contact form

Email us 

[email protected]


Tel: 020 7934 9791
Fax: 020 7934 9591 

You can expect a reply to your comments within seven working days.

Trips taken, costs, comments and complaints

Please contact CityFleet, the contractor for this service, with the following types of questions:

  • Details of the number of trips taken and left in the current financial year
  • Journey costs 
  • Comments and complaints 

If you wish to comment or complain about the Taxicard scheme, you should initially contact CityFleet by phone, email or letter. Complaints should be address to CityFleet Network Limited.

CityFleet Customer Services:  020 7908 0271

Email: [email protected]

London Councils will receive copies of complaints and the taxi company's response.

If you are not happy with the response or feel the reply does not address your concerns, you can contact also contact us: [email protected]

How to comment, complain, or give positive feedback about the service

The quality of customer service that you, our Taxicard members, receive is important to us. If you believe that you have not received the level of service that is expected as part of the scheme we want to hear from you. You can find more information here about the different ways you can comment or complain about the service you receive and what you can expect by way of response.