Book a taxi now

Vehicles are booked through ComCab London. You can either book online or by telephone

Book by calling ComCab London on 020 7763 5001 if it is your first booking.

You can also book online if you are a repeat customer. Book a taxi on ComCab London's website.

Your first booking

Please call 020 7763 5001 to make your first booking. Your first trip cannot be a street hiring or an internet booking, as this will result in you being charged the full fare.

When you call for the first time you will need to register your details by providing the following information:

  • Your name and Taxicard name
  • Full address, postcode and phone numbers
  • Any special requirements, such as if you are a wheelchair user

At this point your card will be activated on the ComCab London system. This will recognise your phone number when you call in future as your telephone number is then linked to your Taxicard number. 

Future bookings

When making a booking you need to give:

  • Your Taxicard number
  • The telephone number registered on your account.

It is helpful to give a number if you can so that the operator is able to contact you if there is a problem in getting your vehicle to you.

  • You name and telephone number
  • The address and postcode from which you want the vehicle to pick you up
  • The address and postcode you want the vehicle to take you to
  • If there are any special pick-up arrangements, such as a particular exit (be precise as you can)
  • Whether you are a wheelchair user, or if you need assistance getting in and out of the vehicle. 

When booking a journey, the operator should confirm the details of your booking with you to ensure it has been recorded accurately. 

Mobile App & Internet Bookings:

There are a number of benefits to booking your journeys via the ComCab London Taxicard Mobile App or ComCab London Taxicard Online Booking Website.  Both methods are free, easy to use and mean no waiting on the telephone. There are also a number of excellent features available on both including:

  • Information on the number of trips you have left to use
  • A favourite addresses and favourite journeys feature
  • Fare and Journey Distance estimates
  • A “Track Vehicle” feature
  • A “Share my location” button which allows you to share your location whilst you are in the vehicle with anyone you want via an email containing a link to the vehicle’s location
  • Vehicle & Driver details
  • The tools conform to the Accessibility settings that are set on the device (mobile/tablet/computer) being used
  • Touch ID log in for iPhone users

‘To download the mobile app from either the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store in the search screen Type in ‘Taxicard Booking App’ and install the app that is found with this name.  Note that your search result may show more than one App so it is important that you install the one that says ‘Taxicard Booking App’ otherwise you won’t be able to log in and book.

To book on the internet go to

From the homepage on either the mobile app or the web booker enter your Taxicard Number in the Taxicard Number Field and enter the telephone number (without spaces) registered on your Taxicard in the Password field.  If you do not know this number or did not provide a number please call Customer Services on 020 7908 0271 and select option 3 where an operator can assist.

Once you have logged in you will be able to use all of the excellent features listed above!

For more information or if you would like to receive a user guide covering everything you need to know about the new web booker please email


Taxicard is run by London Councils and ComCab London.