Londoners' views on climate change in 2022

Our polling, now in its third year, shows that Londoners remain worried about the effects of climate change and the severe impact it has on communities.

While concern is increasing, it isn’t leading to despair. Londoners clearly support ambitious action to reduce carbon emissions and want to be part of that change.

Top findings from polling by London Councils in September 2022 show:

  • 94% of Londoners say they are aware of climate change
  • 84% of Londoners say they are concerned about climate change, and concern is high across all age groups
  • 72% of Londoners say their level of concern has increased over the past 12 months
  • 62% of Londoners say their day-to-day life in London has been impacted by the changing climate, compared to 55% last year.

The survey has also highlighted anxiety over the cost-of-living crisis, with 75% of Londoners finding it more difficult to take action to prevent climate change. More than half of those surveyed, however, feel motivated to make environmentally friendly choices, which will help them reduce their costs during the cost-of-living crisis. 

The public clearly support ambitious action, which will require decision makers to lead the changes needed, including enabling greater action by individuals. We know that local government will be a key player in delivering that transition to net zero, thanks to its unique understanding of local context and strong local relationships. National government must support local government in its delivery of climate action and a just transition that creates good jobs.

For example, funding must be provided to help people change how they access energy and heat for their homes. The polling shows that expense is a barrier which prohibits respondents from choosing greener energy or heating options. Of people who weren’t considering doing so, 41% said cost was a barrier to paying more for a greener heating option, 37% said cost was a barrier to installing solar panels, and 33% said it was too expensive to replace gas heating with a lower carbon option like a heat pump. 

Is it vital that we work in partnership to transform London into a city that is greener, more equal, healthy and sustainable for all of London’s diverse communities. London boroughs are leading the way in ensuring climate action is taking place in local communities, helping to bring about a greener, cleaner, healthier London from the ground up. We know that investment in climate action helps drive down people’s bills, improves the country’s energy security, and benefits the growth of the economy through green businesses and jobs. We will continue to support people who wish to make greener choices as best we can, but it’s crucial that central government delivers on the promises made at COP 26 and helps us meet our ambitions.


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Notes on the 2021 research

1. This study was conducted in London via LondonBus, an Internet omnibus survey run by Research Express which is part of Kantar UK Ltd.

SAMPLE SIZE – a sample of 1,011 London adults 16+ were interviewed.

INTERVIEWING – Interviewing was conducted by online self-completion from 2nd to 7th September 2021.

WEIGHTING – The sample has been weighted to represent the adult population of London 16+.

LOW BASES – Where unweighted base figures are less than 100, data should be treated cautiously, as large margins of error are possible.