Cycling and walking

Promoting walking and cycling allows for congestion reduction, better air quality and induces positive health benefits.

CYCLEWALK, sharing best practice to shift mobility habits

Concept: Supporting the shift from car to walking and cycling by gathering and analysing data to implement innovative policies in favour of active mobility.

Local authorities involved: Oradea (Romania), Olbia (Italy), Gorizia, Nva Gorica and Sepeter-Vrtojba (Italy), Burgenland (Austria), Sardinia (Italy)

EU contribution: EUR 4.99 Million

Timeframe: January 2017 – December 2021

Programme: Interreg Europe

More information on the project’s website

CIVITAS Handshake, encouraging cycling at all stages

Concept: Handshake brings together 13 European cities to share knowledge around cycling, from infrastructure planning to success monitoring. The project has developed over 60 measures that can be replicated across the EU. They investigate a range of ideas, from educational solutions to modelling tools or regulations.

Local authorities involved: Amsterdam (NL), Bordeaux (FR), Bruges (BE), Cadiz (ES), Copenhagen (DK), Dublin (IE), Greater Manchester (UK), Helsinki (FI), Krakow (PL), Munich (DE), Riga (LV), Rome (IT), Turin (IT).

EU contribution: EUR 4.98 Million

Timeframe: October 2018 – February 2022

Programme: CIVITAS Initiative

More information on the project’s website


STARS (Sustainable Travel Recognition and Accreditation for Schools)

PTP-Cycle (Personalised Travel Planning for Cycling)


PASTA (Physical Activity Through Sustainable Transport Approach)

CARMA (Cycling Awareness Raising and MArketing)

SWITCH (Encouraging a SWITCH from car-based to active mobility using personalised information and communication technology approaches)

CycleCities (European cities for integrating cycling within sustainable mobility management schemes)