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PTP-Cycle was a LEPT-coordinated project that used Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) methods to promote a shift from private motor vehicle use towards cycling, walking and public transport. As the term suggests, PTP provided tailored information directly to the individual on sustainable mobility options through a one to one discussion with a PTP Adviser. An information pack based on the needs of the individual was then hand-delivered, leading to a greater propensity for behaviour change than a one-size-fits-all-approach.

How does PTP-Cycle work?

Five cities have come together in PTP-Cycle - supported by LEPT, Polis, Traject, and Sustrans - to develop the first pan-European PTP Delivery Programme, transferring their know-how to a larger audience of European cities. Using the approach of segmentation, each implementation site has identified specific target groups with the largest potential for behaviour change. 

Map of PTP-Cycle partners

 How and where PTP-Cycle is being implemented

The trained PTP travel advisers engaged the audience, asking particular questions to highlight which alternatives might lead to a shift in behaviour. The resulting Personalised Travel Plan packs might have included discounts on bikes from local shops, cycling training sessions, local travel information materials and other services provided by the city or public transport operators in the target area.

Capacity building at the local level

PTP-Cycle offered a holistic approach to assist cities, businesses and universities in developing their PTP processes.

  • Training Programme: Implementation cities trained by PTP expert Sustrans and build local delivery teams.
  • PTP Training Programme Manual: Handbooks developed and translated to assist PTP adopting cities.
  • Local Knowledge Hubs: Field offices give a permanent presence and resource across the residential areas, workplaces and university campuses.
  • 50 PTP Champions recruited: Volunteers deliver supporting events, campaigns and competitions in their communities.

PTP-Cycle demonstrates that PTP activities can be transferred and adopted by diverse implementation sites and target groups, and lead to increased levels of cycling and walking in cities, as well as public transport use and car-sharing. In so doing we are supporting cities in their pursuit of reduced congestion, cleaner air, healthier citizens and reduced CO2 levels.

Personalised Travel Planning in your city

Visit the PTP-Cycle project website for further details. 

Request the free PTP Training Programme Manual to allow you to deliver your own PTP Programme, tailoring it to your local needs.

Please contact a member of the LEPT team if you have any questions about PTP-Cycle.