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Capital Letters

Boroughs working together to improve housing options for homeless Londoners. 

What is Capital Letters?

Capital Letters is a collaboration between London boroughs working together to improve housing options for homeless households.

Through this joint working, boroughs will become more efficient in securing accommodation within London and will be able to place households closer to home.

Capital Letters is being established as a not-for-profit organisation that will procure accommodation on behalf of the boroughs. This will reduce competition between councils and produce better outcomes for London’s homeless households.

Who is supporting Capital Letters?

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) is allocating £37.8 million to support Capital Letters over a three-year period.

The establishment of Capital Letters is being coordinated by the London Housing Directors’ Group and London Councils.

What are Capital Letters’ next steps?

More details on the formal launch of Capital Letters and the programme’s timelines over 2019 will be available soon.


To get in touch with the programme support team, please contact Pete Stanger, Capital Letters Project Officer:

[email protected]