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  • Venture Spotlight: Oxygen Finance

    Oxygen Finance is a world-leading early payment solution provider and the leading provider to the UK public sector.

  • Venture Spotlight: Cerno

    Cerno’s software license consulting has been brought into the London Ventures portfolio to give London councils the technical, commercial and contractual expertise to reduce unwarranted demands by the large software vendors.

  • Blog: “Good data” - not big, not clever, just good

    On Wednesday 5 July London Ventures held a Fringe Event at the LGA 2017 Conference in Birmingham titled, “Good data” - not big, not clever, just good.

  • Venture Spotlight: Fiscal Technologies

    FISCAL Technologies offers a cost-effective way to get the best value from taxpayers’ money. Their forensic software acts as a guardian of council spend by continuously monitoring accounts payable transactions and suppliers to protect against high-risk payments, fraud, invoicing errors, and compliance issues.

  • Venture Spotlight: Blue Prism

    Ever wondered about robotic automation? 

    It’s best understood by thinking of a software robot downloaded into your existing systems, processing data just like a person would, but at a fraction of the cost and time.

  • Blog: Something Ventured

    On Thursday 23 February we held our London Ventures launch event.