Blog: “Good data” - not big, not clever, just good

Published 10 July 2017


On Wednesday 5 July London Ventures held a Fringe Event at the LGA 2017 Conference in Birmingham titled, “Good data” - not big, not clever, just good.


Two of our Venture Partners, Xantura and London Counter Fraud Hub, joined us for our event offering an excellent insight into how they use data. The discussion was chaired by Fiona Colley, Labour Councillor for Nunhead.


The event was well attended and we had a very engaging discussion.


Below is a short summary of what we covered.


The power of predictive analytics is vast and through partners such as Xantura and the London Counter Fraud Hub we are seeing the impact of these approaches. For local authorities there are a number of opportunities and considerations when using predictive analytics and these include –

  • Exploring the significant potential for productivity improvements and the ability to support the professionals in their work and improving the quality of service delivery.
  • Understanding how open and willing different parts of a local authority are to using predictive analytics.
  • Adapting existing ways of working and existing practices and identifying the benefits.
  • Developing an understanding of how local authorities will address the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements particularly around the issue of explicitly requiring consent from residents in how their data is used.
  • Looking at the benefits beyond cost avoidance i.e. efficiency gains, provision of supporting evidence for inspections.


Thanks to everyone who came and took part!