NOW CLOSED - Expressions of Interest - Provision of Consultancy for London Ventures Support Services

This notice has been produced to correct some of the terminology used in the London Ventures PQQ FINAL 231215 document. Please note that the corrections do not affect how the PQQ should be completed. The sections that have been amended are:

  • 3.10 Evaluation process
  • 3.11 Scoring methodology

The changes are as follows:

  1. Page 9. The heading Part 1 (General Information) has been changed to Part 1 (Supplier Information)
  2. Page 9. The heading Part 5 (Financial information) has been changed to Part 5 (Economic and Financial Standing)
  3. Page 10. The reference to General information in the table has been changed to Supplier Information
  4. Page 10. The following text: The PQQ General Questions will be scored on a range of points… has been changed to The questions for Parts 5 and 6 will be scored on a range of points…
  5. Page 11. The following text: The PQQ Technical Capability & Experience Questions will be scored on a range of points… has been changed to The project specific questions to assess Technical and Professional Ability will be scored on a range of points.

A new PQQ will be issued titled: London Ventures PQQ FINAL 2 140116.

London Councils (LC) is seeking to collaborate with a commercial partner to deliver the London Ventures (LV) programme of bringing innovative projects to the public sector.

London Councils represents London’s local authorities (LLA), comprising the 32 borough councils and the City of London. It is a cross-party organisation that works on behalf of all of its member authorities regardless of political persuasion. It acts as a catalyst for developing new policy programmes, spreading good practice amongst its members and providing a range of valuable central pan-London services.

Capital Ambition (CA) was originally established as London’s Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (RIEP) and is a formal part of London Councils. It was formed in April 2008 by bringing together the London Centre of Excellence, London Connects, the Improvement and Employment Division of London Councils and London’s Improvement Partnership. The Capital Ambition Board (CAB) is the member-led committee that oversees the Capital Ambition programme. It is also the decision-making board for the London Ventures Programme, and provides direction for the LV Programme and makes the final decision as to which products and services are approved for inclusion in the programme.

The Capital Ambition Board selected a model for the development of the LV Programme based upon private-sector input. The private sector role that was out-sourced is the brokerage /facilitator/catalyst role, whose task was to bring innovative projects from the private and third sectors, attracted by the scale of LLA to work cross organisation and cross sector; reduce cost; achieve better outcomes for Londoners; and, achieve increased investment in puiblic services. This role has been undertaken by consultants for the last three years, but as their contract is coming to a conclusion in the Spring of 2016, LC wishes is seeking Expressions of Interest to the re-tender of the contract for this role, in order to continue supporting the LV initiative going forward.

For further details candidates should refer to the draft Service Specification document, which will be published on the LC website shortly after the publication of the PQQ document.

Key Dates


Target Date

Send Contract Notice to OJEU

18 December 2015

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) available on London Councils’ website

22 December 2015

Deadline for Bidder's to register their interest (email to admin address indicating intention to participate)

22 January 2016

Deadline for completion & return of Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

25 January 2016

Evaluate PQQ responses & select participants (shortlist)

26 January - 12 February 2016

London Councils approves shortlist

12 February 2016

Commencement of Competitive Dialogue stage

15 February 2016

Issue Invitation to Participate in Dialogue to selected participants & invite Initial Proposals

15 February 2016

Initial Proposal submission date

7 March 2016

Evaluation of Initial Proposals

7 March – 11 March 2016

Deadline for Bidder’s Questions relating to Conditions of Contract and Invitation to Participate in Dialogue

14 March 2016

Meetings/Discussions with bidders

14 March - 24 March 2016

Publication on LC website of final responses to Bidders’ questions

24 March 2016


29 March - 1 April 2016

Negotiations with suppliers

5 April – 22 April 2016

End of Competitive Dialogue stage

22 April 2016

Invite Final Tenders (*with bidders written consent to a shortened response-time for return of tenders)

25 April 2016

Submission of Final Tenders

9 May 2016

Evaluation of Tenders complete

23 May 2016

LC selection of preferred bidder

6 June 2016

Commencement of mandatory standstill period - notify successful and unsuccessful bidders

20 June 2016

Completion of standstill period - confirm successful bidder

1 July 2016

Award of Contract and finalisation of contract details

4 July 2016

Contract commencement (subject to any challenges)

18 July 2016