Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) and Light electric vehicles (LEV) are responding to major challenges in cities such as noise and air pollution. London, the UK and the EU’s priorities align to try and facilitate their use.

ELVITEN, thinking the use of light electrified vehicles of tomorrow

Concept: Demonstrating that light electrified vehicles (bikes, scooters…) are the future of urban mobility by creating easy access tools such as an open platform including all charging stations, and analyse data to better understand user needs.

Local authorities involved: Genoa (Italy), Rome (Italy), Bari (Italy), Malaga (Spain), Berlin (Germany) and Trikala (Greece).

EU contribution: EUR 7.8 million (82% of total costs)

Timeframe: November 2017 to October 2020

Programme: Horizon 2020

More information on the project’s website

ELECTRIFIC, facilitating the use of EVs

Concept: Changing the perception of EVs as unpractical by developing novel technologies and theoretical understanding that enable highly attractive and sustainable electro-mobility through smart vehicle-grid integration.

Local authorities involved: Barcelona (Spain), Šumava (Czech Republic).

EU contribution: EUR 6 million (100% of total costs)

Timeframe: September 2015 to August 2019

Programme: Horizon 2020


ELIPTIC (Electrification of Public Transport in Cities)

FREVUE (Validating Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe)

TfL briefing on EVs

London Assembly Environment Committee presentation on EVs (May 2018)

Go Ultra Low City Scheme. GULCS is a joint TfL and borough programme created to deliver 1,000 new charge points across London by 2020.

Charge point map. A live map of charge points in the UK, developed by Next Green Car Ltd.

LEPT presentation, 'Location of charging infrastructure. The issues for London' (June 2016)

Source London. A network of charging points in London owned by the Bolloré Group.

Office for Low Emission Vehicles

LoCITY an industry-led programme that provides information to help the freight and fleet sector reduce emissions.

LEPT study tour report 'Facilitating Electric Vehicle Uptake' (May 2019)

The European Green Vehicles Initiative. Established in 2013, EGVI is a private-public partnership that aims at delivering green vehicles and new mobility systems solutions.

The European Commission and EVs

ICCT briefing, 'Electric vehicle capitals of the world: What markets are leading the transition to electric?' (November 2017)