Priority 1 & 2 Case Studies

Find Out how the London Councils Grants Programme helps some of London’s most vulnerable residents.

Case Study – Ashiana

“I was referred to the Emma Project by CGL Newham, Drugs and Alcohol service in January 2017.”

Case Study – AWRC

My father is a very morally strict person.”

Case Study – SignHealth

“The individual is in their mid-50s and lived with their husband in Wandsworth, they have grown up children together. Their husband liked to gamble and liked to binge drink after work.”

Case Study – Solace

I first called the Advice line with the help of my friend who speaks English, as my English is very limited. I called after I had just fled from my husband who had locked me in the house for three days with no food.”

Case Study - St Mungo

“I was referred to the St Mungo’s HARP team while I was in prison.”

Case Study - WRC

"I found out about Ascent through the joint event Women’s Resource Centre, Homeless Link and Shelter held in March 2018, Spotlight on Supporting Homeless Women with Multiple Needs."