Priority One & Two Case Studies

Find out how the London Councils Grants Programme helps some of London’s most vulnerable residents:


“My ex-partner was refusing to leave the home, created so much stress for myself and my children. I was anxious, not knowing what to do.” 


“The individual is in their mid-50s and lived with their husband in Wandsworth, they have grown up children together. Their husband liked to gamble and liked to binge drink after work.”

Ascent Advice & Counselling

"I was arguing a lot with my husband and dealing with a fair amount of threats, as well as financial, emotional and psychological abuse."

Ascent Advice and Counselling

"My husband had been sectioned due to his severe mental health condition."

Ascent Advice and Counselling

I first called the Advice line with the help of my friend......, as my English is very limited. ...... I had just fled from my husband who had locked me in the house for three days with no food.”

Ending Harmful Practises 

"I married young to keep my family happy, it wasn’t forced but I had no choice."

Ending Harmful Practises

My father is a very morally strict person.”

Specialist Refuge Network

“I was referred to the Emma Project by CGL Newham, Drugs and Alcohol service in January 2017.”

St Mungo

“I was referred to the St Mungo’s HARP team while I was in prison.”


"I found out about Ascent through the joint event Women’s Resource Centre, Homeless Link and Shelter held in March 2018, Spotlight on Supporting Homeless Women with Multiple Needs."


"Thames Reach referred my case to their partner, Shelter, who took on my case and supported me in the progression of my homeless application to Barking and Dagenham"