Case Studies

Find out how the London Councils Grants Programme helps some of London’s most vulnerable residents. These case studies are from projects funded during our 2017 to 2022 programme.

Please note:  Some of these case studies contain descriptions of sexual abuse and/or violence which may be distressing to the reader.

Signhealth Domestic Abuse Project - led by Signhealth (formerly known as DeafHope London)

'Monia' was referred to SignHealth by a Deaf organisation. She had disclosed that she was experiencing verbal, emotional, coercive control and physical abuse at the hands of her husband and has done for many years...

My ex-partner was refusing to leave the home, created so much stress for myself and my children. I was anxious, not knowing what to do.” 

“The individual is in their mid-50s and lived with their husband in Wandsworth, they have grown up children together. Their husband liked to gamble and liked to binge drink after work.”

"Bethany was being physically abused by her mother-in-law with the abuse starting to be re-focus on her daughter."

“I have the freedom to walk around outside with my baby, for the first time since giving birth”.

Ascent Advice & Counselling - Led by Solace Women's Aid

"Now I see myself as a a survivor and not a victim."

"I was arguing a lot with my husband and dealing with a fair amount of threats, as well as financial, emotional and psychological abuse."

"My husband had been sectioned due to his severe mental health condition."

“I first called the Advice line with the help of my friend......, as my English is very limited. ...... I had just fled from my husband who had locked me in the house for three days with no food.”

"When I called Solace I was desperate, I was out on the street, everything was closed because of COVID-19 and it was very cold."

They abused me daily. I felt very lonely and hopeless."

"Jewish Women's Aid helped me to escape from the house and found me emergency accomodation..."

Ending Harmful Practices - Led by Asian Women's Resource Centre (AWRC)

I no longer feel alone in this world. I was scared that I would lose my children and sent back to Pakistan where my family either kill me or force me to marry another man. Now I have a future!

"Before I came to FORWARD I had depression and a lot of trauma from my FGM…"

"My name is Sarah... I have a three year old child...."

"I married young to keep my family happy, it wasn’t forced but I had no choice."

“My father is a very morally strict person.”

"Following my separation from my abusive husband I was linked with Ashiana Counselling Service to help me recover from the effects of abuse I encountered over the years." 

"I was forwarded for support to IMECE women’s services after I had reported the abuse I had gone through for many years to the police"

Specialist Refuge Network - Led by Ashiana Network

I feel I am in a right place for support. I couldn’t imagine there is such a place that will help me to rebuild my life and support is available in my mother language and by women who are aware of the culture that I was born.”

“I was referred to the Emma Project by CGL Newham, Drugs and Alcohol service in January 2017.”

Housing Advice, Resettlement and Prevention (HARP) Connect - Led by St Mungo

“I was referred to the St Mungo’s HARP team while I was in prison.”

The ASCENT Project - Led by Women's Resource Centre

"I found out about Ascent through the joint event Women’s Resource Centre, Homeless Link and Shelter held in March 2018, Spotlight on Supporting Homeless Women with Multiple Needs"

STAR Partnership - Led by Shelter

"I was found rough sleeping at Heathrow Airport by the Hillingdon Outreach Team"

"My caseworker supported me to make a homeless application to Ealing Council"

"I lost my job due to the Covid-19 lockdown and my employer’s inability to continue paying me"

"Thames Reach referred my case to their partner, Shelter, who took on my case and supported me in the progression of my homeless application to Barking and Dagenham"

"When I went to Shelter, I was feeling suicidal​"

"I fled violence in Sheffield and had to leave my council tenancy there because of the threat of further violence"

"After my marriage ended, I was homeless. I lived in a shipping container for five years..."

“Shelter was able to advocate for me and as a result Brent Council accepted me under the Main Housing Duty”

London Youth Gateway – Led by New Horizon Youth Centre

"Ive found lockdown really hard"

“I had dreams for the future that I worked hard for, but they all fell apart. My life fell apart too.”

Domestic Abuse Partnership (DAP) - Led by GALOP

Tanya can now live independently away from her former perpetrator and look forward to a life in front of her that is free from abuse.

One of a growing number of cases that involve supporting a victim/survivor of domestic abuse, where the perpetrator has been using "chems"..

Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) - Led by Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (STADV)

'T' is a survivor of domestic abuse whose experience was transformed by the support she received from Islington Council.....

London Plus Project - Led by Homeless Link

I found the programme to be a really valuable experience.  It came at a really useful time for me, where i was stressed with work and struggling to manage an increased workload.