Priority 3 - Tackling Poverty Through Employment

This Priority has completed delivery

ESF Priority Axis 1

P1.1 Priority 3 Poverty Programme


  • These programmes aim to tackle poverty and contribute to reducing child poverty in London by raising family income and skills through employment.
  • Projects will be delivered in 6 clusters across London and match funded by the 33 London Boroughs through the London Councils Grants Committee.
  • Projects will be providing employment related support as well as personal development support and mentoring.
  • Programmes will aim to have 35% of their participants be long-term unemployed people and 65% economically inactive people.
  • Programmes will target an additional priority  of homeless people and people in substance recovery.

Programme delivery - programmes help participants gain personal and occupational skills by providing:

  • One to one support from an adviser structured around a personalised individual needs assessment and action plan. This support will be targeted around an assessment of the individual's personal needs and will provide mentoring to improve their employability.
  • Vocational/employment specific training to help individuals prepare for employment and to develop their personal skills.
  • Health workshops and group sessions.
  • Work experience placements to prepare individuals for the world of work.
  • Employer engagement to find suitable employers for participants.

  • Gold provides access to employment for jobseekers and inactive people, improving the employability skills of the unemployed and economically inactive people.
  • The project management and delivery approach tackles poverty by helping the participants move towards, or into, work.
  • Each individual will have his/her own needs and barriers, and they will provide a personalised support programme plan of learning and employment options that takes into account skills needed and for difficult health or social circumstances.
  • Gold provides highly supportive IAG, support from specialist agencies, employer help through extra guidance, work placements, and employment offers.
  • The project provides help with ESOL, employability and vocational skills, and other support to raise self-confidence and improve self-esteem. The project advisors track participants each step of the way from engagement through to sustained jobs.

For more information, please see their website.

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  • Steps to Work project engages those living in the most deprived wards, with provision targeting residents who are furthest away from the labour market, particularly BAME communities, parents with long-term work limiting health conditions, lone parents, women and especially those facing barriers to work, homeless, disability or long-term health condition and those recovering from drug/alcohol misuse.
  • The project provides an integrated package of support that is flexible and tailored to individual participant's needs, including information advice & guidance, flexible employability and occupational skills training and wrap around support intervention to help residents address and overcome the barriers to move them into or nearer to the labour market.

For more information, please see their website.

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  • Community Life Change targets unemployed and inactive residents with the aim of improving employability skills and helping participants into employment.
  • They provide 1-to-1 individual advice and guidance, advisor support, employer led sector focused group workshop, job fairs, help into training, education, work or voluntary placements.
  • Especially for parents with long-term work limiting health conditions: people with mental health needs; members of ethnic groups with low labour market participation, women facing additional barriers to employment; people with drug/alcohol issues; and homeless people.
  • The projects activities include Matrix standard diagnostic needs assessment and offers a drop In centre where participants can carry out their own job search under the guidance of a professional advisor, employer liaison and job brokerage to match participants to suitable vacancies, 30 hour work placement and signposting to relevant training, including English & Maths, Vocational Skills, & Sector Routeways.


  • Outreach East and Aim Higher improves the employability, health, parenting, social and financial inclusion and life skills of economically inactive and long term unemployed people from the following target resident groups: long term work limiting health conditions, mental health needs and ethnic groups with low labour market participation rate, women facing barriers to employment, homeless and people recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction or misuse.
  • Project activities include, initial diagnostic assessment, induction, action planning, personalised 1-1 information, advice and guidance for 6 hours+ and 12 hours+, access to free exercise classes, cognitive behavioural therapy, healthy eating, clubs (e.g. sewing and books), parenting groups, employability, ESOL, IT, soft, vocational, and functional skills, travel training, work placements or volunteering and/or work trials.
  • Access to job brokerage, self-employment and enterprise support, working with employers to remove potentially discriminatory recruitment and in work practices to progress participants into sustainable, financially viable jobs.

For more information, please see their website.

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