"London has a vital role to play" - response to the Ten Point Plan for a green industrial revolution

  • By Gemma Kappala-R...

Responding to the Prime Minister's Ten Point Plan for a green industrial revolution, Mayor Philip Glanville, Chair of London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee, said:

“As the largest city in the country, London has a vital role to play in reducing national carbon emissions and supporting the shift to green technology, industries and behaviours. London is also a national and global leader on the potential for cities and their populations to embed social justice in the fight to tackle climate change.

"London boroughs working with local communities and business are already innovating and leading on this important agenda. Our latest polling, published this week, shows seven out of 10 Londoners agree tackling climate change is a priority.

“The Government’s green industrial revolution plans boost our efforts to tackle climate change and are a sign that their ambition is growing. 

“We strongly welcome investment in electric vehicle charging point infrastructure to support the shift from petrol and diesel - London is leading the way in this and has more than 5,700 public charge points delivered to date.

“We are also pleased to see a focus on tree planting, but it has to come as part of a wider suite of nature-based solutions and investment in climate resilience and adaptation, including support for parks and green spaces.

“On retrofitting and improving energy efficiency, the Government’s additional £1 billion investment falls short of the £9.2 billion committed in their manifesto. With only one more year of committed funding, it will be very challenging to build robust supply chains and create new green jobs at scale. London Councils has already said that retrofitting homes should be a national infrastructure priority for the UK to improve energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty at the same time.

“Looking forward to COP26, the Government must follow these announcements up with investment through the Spending Review. We also need a clear plan for delivering a green recovery that can support the 2050 net zero target, or a signal that they, like so many London councils, will be even more ambitious. This must include details of longer term commitments on promised priorities such as walking, cycling and zero-emissions public transport.

“We encourage the Prime Minister to put local government fully at the heart of delivering on the climate emergency, and we stand ready to work with the Government to develop policies and investment that can create innovative, effective and locally-led responses to achieve net zero.”