Activity and engagement

Action on car clubs

London boroughs play a key role in supporting the delivery of commercial car club services across London. The majority of these services are procured directly through the boroughs, and the infrastructure needed to enable their use, such as parking and chargepoints, is provided by them.

London Councils actively supports borough engagement with car clubs.  In 2019 a Task and Finish Group was brought together by London Councils officers to complete an analysis of the current state of car clubs in London and identify ways in which car club activity could be supported and coordinated. 

The final report of the Group sets out eleven recommendations and TfL and London Councils have joint funded an officer to lead on the delivery of these until November 2022. Progress towards these recommendations includes:

Progress towards these recommendations has included:

  • Updating information on the London Councils webpages to support borough officers and local councillors
  • Working with CoMoUK to update their accreditation scheme with London borough input
  • The development and publication of the Car Club-Local Authority Data Sharing Standard (CLADS) in partnership with the RAC Foundation and Imperial College London.
  • Raising awareness of CLADS with borough officers and car club operators
  • Working with partners to identify the most appropriate way to collate CLADS data
  • Raising the profile of CoMoUK’s annual car club survey amongst borough officers
  • Working with borough officers to identify support needed to improve consistency of car club procurement and operation
  • Coordinating engagement between car club operators and boroughs through CoMo’s quarterly London Car Club Forum