Supporting Low-Income Londoners - The future of Local Welfare

Making the case for giving boroughs a leading role in locally administered support as the most effective means of responding to residents’ welfare needs and moving from crisis management to prevention.  

  • By SamAshton

The report provides a summary of existing local welfare provision in London, including a selection of case studies of innovative approaches by boroughs, and highlights inconsistencies and inefficiencies in the current system that are holding back local authorities from supporting their low-income residents to the best of their ability. Drawing lessons from existing borough best practice, the report concludes with some recommendations for the future of local welfare.

With pressures continuing to grow on low-income Londoners due to welfare reform, housing costs and stunted wage growth, boroughs want the government to have a renewed focus on local solutions. The report warns that the current approach is overly centralised and undermines boroughs’ contribution to welfare provision.

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