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Read our Lewisham Case Study to see how Lewisham Council have been using Spacehive.  



Across the UK, annual spending on local civic projects – from parks and playgrounds to community centres - is estimated to have dropped from £3 billion to £600 million as government funding for councils has been eroded.

Spacehive is an easy-to use online platform that facilitates grassroots regeneration by aggregating diverse sources of funding for projects that improve local areas. 

The funding platform allows anyone to put forward project ideas that they want to see happen locally – from bringing Peckham Lido back to life to developing a sculpture walk through East London, or revamping a community garden.

Projects are grouped in themes or geographical areas, in “Movements”, where a community of followers can be built.

Individuals, local authorities, businesses and grant funders are then able to pledge funds to support a project that they believe would have great benefits for their local community. Pledges are only charged if the funding target is met.

Having so many people involved in a single campaign creates a powerful way for local residents and businesses to make popular ideas a reality.



Spacehive has so far enabled 255 projects worth £6m to be delivered through their platform.  This includes 149 projects in London, worth £3.6m.

  • £142,000 was raised for ‘The Line’, a world-class sculpture walk in East London
  • £62,132 was raised to build an exciting new playground for Hanover School in Islington
  • £10,925 was raised to transform unused space in Tottenham into a new community food garden and kitchen.

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