Understanding who the most vulnerable people in your locality are

  • By London Councils


Xanturais a leading provider of advanced analytics to the public sector, focused on delivering efficiencies and value. They use data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to identify those in need of support through the One View solution, which combines multi-agency data to create a full picture of a person or household. This enables Local Authorities to make more informed decisions and create a bigger impact in taking action to improve outcomes for vulnerable people.  

COVID-19 Response 

During COVID-19, Xantura have helped local authorities shape their response by highlighting where the support needs of users may increase as a result of the crisis. These can be grouped into direct health risks such as age or existing health conditions, indirect social risks like domestic violence, or persons who may experience knock on effects in the future, like homelessness or debt. The offer also includes future demand predictions and planning to help councils reimagine their future service offers. The initial report and case management system access is available for an indicative cost of £15,000.  

Offer Summary  

Xantura uses data from many council agencies to create a joined-up, insightful view of a person, family or group. This ensures that seeing a full picture can help local authorities make better decisions, take more effective action and have a bigger impact. All in a way that’s ethical, appropriate and proportionate. 

As a leading provider of advanced analytics, Xantura can provide data to support local authorities in the following areas: 

·         Children’s social care 

·         Adult health and social care 

·         Homelessness 

·         Debt and benefits 

·         Community safety 

·         Innovating for the future 

Government funding for local authorities has fallen by an estimated 49.1% in real terms over the last ten years. Local Authorities therefore must ensure that they get more from their budget by identifying where their support will make the biggest difference. Data analytics will therefore help in understanding and managing that increasing demand in areas such as social care, debt, housing and beyond.  


·         Improvement in decision making – enables local authorities to make a broader, more holistic view of the cases being reviewing, so better more informed decisions are made.  

·         Early intervention – allows support to people early, rather than trying to fix a situation after it’s got worse. 

·         Removal of citizens who no longer require support – allows a step down of people who are doing well, rather than keeping them in the system unnecessarily. 

·         Case management - allocates cases to the most appropriate team members. 

·         Resource management - makes better use of your limited resources by preventing people from stepping up to a more resource-intensive part of the system. 

Success stories 

In the context of Covid-19, Barking & Dagenham (B&D) needed to mobilise their emergency response at pace: B&D wanted to join up the response effort across services, provide help quickly and track support for those who need it, get a clearer and more accurate understanding of vulnerability, and share and access information securely.  

Implementation of the Xantura’s One View solution allowed: 

·         A clear, easily accessible, risk adjusted view of the most vulnerable groups to support targeted intervention and ongoing prioritisation of resources 

·         Early identification of risk to improve outcomes through provision of evidenced and timely support  

·         The workforce to be equipped with richer information and greater capacity, resulting in a reduction of time spent performing administrative effort and efficient knowledge sharing across services 

·         Commissioning & targeting outcomes-based services more effectively to support better third party spend with greater impact 

Beyond this immediate response, Barking & Dagenham also gained an informed view on the impact of vulnerability on long term funding and the effectiveness of interventions, to help the council reimagine their future service offers.