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  • By London Councils

Blue Prism’s vision is to provide a Digital Workforce for Every Enterprise. The company’s purpose is to unleash the collaborative potential of humans operating in harmony with a Digital Workforce, so every enterprise can exceed their business goals and drive meaningful growth, with unmatched speed and agility.

What do they do?

They offer organisations a scalable pool of Digital Workers that emulate the way people operate and interact with your organisation’s systems and applications. These Digital Workers absorb the workloads that slow down your staff and free them up to dedicate their time to activities that leverage their uniquely human skills that add value to your business.

The technology

Blue Prism’s technology is available on-premises, in the cloud, hybrid, or as an integrated SaaS solution – so it’s easier to deploy, manage, upgrade and scale.With the option to deploy Digital Workers as-a-service straight from the Cloud, Blue Prism offer you peace of mind with guaranteed SLAs for system availability, an evergreen rollout of new capabilities, and no additional infrastructure or installation costs.

How does that help customers?

Blue Prism's digital workforce provides the foundation for driving digital transformation. It releases ROI quickly and enables you to build on that continuously to drive three waves of value:

  • Increased efficiencies in key processes.
  • Increased business performance such as improved customer retention and reduced risk through automation of complex, end-to-end processes across functions.
  • Introduction of new services, products and disruptive delivery models made possible only by employing a digital workforce.

Blue Prism and LRG

With budget cuts, skills shortages and socio-political forces all at play, local governments are facing increased demand for services while contending with a shrinking pool of resources.

Blue Prism is helping councils to combat these challenges through the implementation of a Digital Workforce. These Digital Workers are providing councils with a way to lower the cost to serve, improve operational efficiency and agility, and ultimately enhance citizen outcomes.

Accessed straight from the cloud, these AI-based digital workers log on to your systems and carry out the office-based activities that keep things moving: Reading correspondence, extracting key information, initiating workflows, moving data between systems, and compiling reports from disparate sources. While they’re busy with these tasks, your highly skilled staff can be out on the front lines carrying out the work that adds direct value to your constituents.

Digital Workers complete multiple processes in unison and can be utilised around the clock to meet business critical SLAs. Maximising the productivity of these new resources allows you to deliver the highest ROI to citizens. That’s where IADA, our AI-enabled, digital workforce manager comes in. IADA oversees the workforce, planning which tasks need to be worked on first and moving each digital worker onto the next one when they’re done.

You’ll get a snapshot of where your digital workers are being utilised and how efficiently they’re operating through your customisable dashboard HUB, where you can reprioritise tasks as demand changes. 

And it’s not just your council that can benefit from the power of Intelligent Automation. Because these Digital Workers are Cloud-based, they can also be utilised to foster closer collaboration with agencies, fellow councils and adjacent public services such as the NHS.

Success Stories

Council ‘A’: Teacher reporting

Council ‘A’ set out to reduce the volume of admin time teachers spent recording their Child Plans and Individual Education Plans. The manual process of keying in plans was time consuming and frustrating for teachers and could take up to 4 hours per plan depending on the contents. These plans are crucial for the safeguarding of children, however the arduous task of uploading them meant that fewer than expected were being stored in their central system.

The use of automation has meant that the application can be made available across the county and ensures that data from each school is being uploaded uniformly. This ensures that data from across the county is available and encourages uptake of the system. The automation also delivers the equivalent of 14 FTEs to compete the uploading of Plans, and saves approximately 18,000 hours of teachers’ time, allowing them to focus on the children in their care.

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