Blue Prism - Automate back office functions

  • By London Councils


London Ventures is working with Blue Prism to use its robotic software to automate back office processes within Local Authorities, substantially improving process efficiency and reducing the staff costs absorbed by repetitive tasks.

Robotic automation is best understood by thinking of a software robot downloaded into your existing systems, processing data just like a person would, but at a fraction of the cost and time.

Blue Prism offers a flexible, proven Enterprise RPA solution that is easy to use, works with virtually any application across heterogeneous environments and meets the strict compliance guidelines of Enterprise IT governance. The software is used to re-engineer and automate back office processes, integrating systems across public services and enabling new ways of working – such as on mobile devices.  Data processed by Blue Prism’s software is collected quickly, securely and accurately, allowing for entire processes to be automated and overheads cut.  All this means that staff costs currently absorbed by repetitive tasks can be redirected - for instance to where people need to work directly with customers.


Blue Prism customers can eperience a number of beneifts, including:

  • productivity gains of up to 7 times in comparison to previous methods of data entry;
  • improved customer service and avoidance of regulatory breach due to increased accuracy of the robot; and
  • receiving a comprehensive exception report and full audit trail, which was not previously available


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To learn more about Blue Prism please contact:

Thomas Man Head of Capital Ambition ([email protected]