Targeted Ventures - Children and Families

We are currently in the 'develop the solution' phase of our Children and Families Cycle. We have worked through understanding the problem and the challenges there are in this area for local authorities in London. We have also worked with a range of stakeholders to find solutions to these problems. Now we are developing and refining these solutions, in preparation for the next phase, build and launch.  

Understand the problem

Some of the key issues facing London local authorities and vulnerable children and families are highlighted below:

Statistics explaining the challenges around children and families in London

We engaged with local authorities, charities, policy leads and the private sector to understand the problem and agree five problem areas, five cross-cutting themes and six problem statements:

Problem Areas, Cross-cutting themes and Problem Statements

Find the solution

To find solutions to the above problem statements, we held a variety of events with a wide range of stakeholders. Some of these events are highlighted below:

Children and Families Hackathon - 21 June 2018: Over 60 cross-sector participants gathered to launch our 'find the solution' stage with our children and families' hackathon. 

Challenge Panel - 7 September 2018We challenged our subject matter experts at our Challenge Panel to approach their analysis of the solutions from a different perspective by using the 'De Bono Thinking Hats' method. They provided robust feedback and constructive criticism to help development of the solutions. 

Children and Families Youth Hackathon - 3 October 2018Students from two Lambeth schools discussed the challenges they and their families face in their communities. They generated six innovative solutions for consideration. 

From the events and wider engagement with a number of local authorities and other organisations involved in supporting vulnerable children and families, we developed the long list of solutions. 

Develop the solution

We undertook further research to understand the viability of the solutions. We had another Challenge Panel to further refine the solutions portfolio in November 2018. To further develop the solutions, we will: 

  • Hold a young people panel to test our refined list of solutions in early 2019
  • Work with our governance board through a Dragon's Den, in early 2019, to agree which solutions should be supported by London Ventures and taken forwards to build and launch
  • Further engagement with local authorities, central government, social enterprises, charities and innovators in order to test our solutions and identify local authority sponsors.