AutonoMe: improving the lives of people with learning disabilities




AutonoMe is a virtual support provider designed to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities. AutonoMe enables people with learning disabilities to increase their independence through instructional videos accessed via the AutonoMe app which provide step-by-step instructions covering a range of independent living skills within the home. 
AutonoMe measures and provides real-time data on service users’ independence to support Local Authorities to make evidence-based decisions on the support needs and achievable outcomes of their learning disability population. 
As a virtual support provider AutonoMe provides:
AutonoMe app for service users to download
Access to more than 100 instructional videos, prompts and reminders
Personalised outcomes plans for each service user
Ongoing training and support for service users, staff and key partners
Continuous data monitoring and reporting from a local AutonoMe representative 
Feedback on service user progress and engagement 
Local Authorities are responsible for ensuring their learning disabilities population receives the right level of support. In the current environment of reducing budgets, it’s more important than ever that Local Authorities are able to make evidence-based commissioning decisions that deliver the best value for money.
Increased independence for Learning Disability population - supporting service users 24/7 to progress towards outcomes in four areas of the Care Act. 
Targeted savings - providing Local Authorities data on the skills service users develop so they can make targeted reductions to support packages. 
Outcomes-focused support - developing a detailed and tailored outcomes plan with each service user and monitors their usage, progress and attainment.
Real-time data on individual progress - Local Authorities will have access to our dashboard displaying data on the level of their service users’ independence and progress towards their outcomes. 
Targetted, evidence-based commissioning - data can be used as part of Local Authorities’ assessment of an individual’s independence and support needs. 
Measurable Outcomes Framework - AutonoMe's Outcomes Framework provides a consistent method for working towards and measuring outcomes effectively which enables the cultural and commissioning shift towards outcomes-based service design.
Success stories
Devon County Council commissioned a pilot with AutonoMe with the aim of providing some support in the home through the service user’s own smart device. Furthermore, Devon wanted to explore how they could better understand their support requirements by gathering and evaluating the data obtained through the AutonoMe App.
Overall outcomes showed improved independence, a better understanding of service user support requirements and improved provider efficiency. The highlights for one service user within the year-long pilot include:
Reduction of 2 hours in her weekly 1:1 support hours, resulting in ongoing savings of circa £1,800 per annum
AutonoMe embedded into her daily routines with support from her support worker in just 6 weeks
Strong partnership approach between AutonoMe and the support provider that maintained a positive impact on the service user’s progress throughout. 
Operational managers and Social Workers using data from AutonoMe to regularly measure internal KPIs
Since the success of this pilot, Devon Council has expanded this partnership to 200 service users over the next 3 years. You can see a video case study through the following link:
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