Adult Social Care

London boroughs spent £2.4 billion on adult social care in 2017/18 and had 186,000 new requests for care support.

London’s over 65 population will grow by 70 per cent by 2040. The additional funding for next year announced in the Budget is welcome, but is only a sticking plaster. The short term approach taken to funding adult social care cannot continue.

The government has already announced plans to increase NHS funding by £20 billion in real terms by 2023/24. It would be a false economy to increase funding for the NHS without investing in adult social care: the two must be seen as playing complementary and reinforcing roles in the wider system and must be funded accordingly.

We ask that the government sets out a long term and sustainable approach to funding adult social care in the ASC Green Paper and the Spending Review: this is vital to meet the huge rise in demand expected in the next 20 years.