Rising demand

London has to to do more with less

Over the decade of austerity, demographic change has had a significant impact on demand for services. London’s population has grown by around 900,000 people (11.2 per cent) since 2010: roughly the population of Norfolk, and more than double the rate of growth across the rest of England (5.5 per cent). As the funding formula has been effectively fixed since 2013-14, London boroughs have had to provide services to an additional 500,000 people without additional funding.

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More specific demographic changes, changing levels of deprivation, the impact of welfare reform and the unaffordability and lack of housing have had huge impacts on homelessness and demand for temporary accommodation. At the same time, changes in medical and social care practice, policy and legislative changes have had a particular impact on demand for children’s services and for working age adult social care.

In London since 2010

population and households

homeless and TA


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