Our Vision for London

A shared agenda to improve health in London

At the London Health Board Conference on the 2nd October, the Greater London Authority (GLA), London Councils, Public Health England (PHE) and the National Health Service (NHS) in London launched Our Vision for London, a strategic document setting out a series of shared priorities for the partnership in order to make London the healthiest global city.

The document focuses on the aspects of partnership working, such as workforce, digital, and estates, that can be developed to deliver better health and care services. It also identifies ten priorities that, through collaborative and innovative working, will address the capital’s key health issues.

A wider engagement process around Our Vision for London will be undertaken to gain the views of Londoners, and system partners not involved in the drafting of the document. The engagement process will focus on refining and developing the proposals as well as how partners collectively take forward its ambitions and objectives.

Our Vision for London can be downloaded here.


Building on Better Health for London

The London health and care system has been developing the way it works with partners during the past few years to ensure that Londoners receive services that are focused on their needs, provided locally and conveniently to them and where cross-organisational delivery is seamless at point of use.

Following the London Health Commission, and the resulting publication of Lord Ara Darzi’s report Better Health for London in 2014, the GLA, London Councils, PHE and the NHS in London set out a Next Steps Plan to implement the recommendations of the Better Health for London report.

In developing a response to the Better Health for London report, the health and care partnership in London has recognised that specific actions could be taken by local, and regional partners to further the delivery of the document’s ambitions. London Councils, the Greater London Authority, the NHS in London, and public health leaders have therefore worked with central government through the London Health and Care Devolution programme to explore how moving resources and decision-making more locally can accelerate improvements in delivering better health outcomes for Londoners. This programme culminated in the London Health and Care Devolution Memorandum in 2017, which has provided a strong joint framework and shared objectives for delivering health and care improvements in London.

Building on the achievements and gaps of this programme of work, and in light of the NHS Long Term Plan, the Prevention Green Paper, London Councils’ Pledges to Londoners and the Mayor’s Health Inequalities Strategy, Our Vision for London was developed to refresh the collective plans of partners in London to improve the health of Londoners.