Future Transport


Key areas of work

This strategic priority will look at how to solve real-life local net zero challenges related to transport and deliver collaborative research and innovation opportunities to support boroughs’ ambitions. This will closely dovetail with and support the Low Carbon Transport climate programme and associated action plan. Its initial work areas will focus on:

  • Share learning and resources on active travel schemes, healthy streets interventions and low-traffic neighbourhoods, including learning from their accelerated delivery in the pandemic and subsequent developments (e.g. linked to the recent Centre for London research/report).

  • Support and amplify other transport innovations happening across London, sharing and scaling good practice and briefing LEDNet members on key developments (e.g. e-scooter trials, last mile delivery pilots, electrification, London Councils work on EV strategies and car clubs, Low Carbon Transport working groups, etc).

  • Undertake visioning and advocacy on future transport models and funding for London (e.g. future road user charging, TfL funding, etc), noting the link to the financing & investment priority.


LEDNet's work on digital innovation is led by Spencer Palmer (LB Sutton) and Doug Wilkinson (LB Enfield)

Engaging with the priority

Please contact the LEDNet team if you have queries relating to LEDNet’s work on future transport or are interested in presenting at a meeting.