Winners of the 2018 London Borough Apprenticeship Awards


  • By Spike van der V...

On Friday 28 September 2018, London Councils hosted the eight annual London Borough Apprenticeship Awards at Saddlers Hall. This fantastic event celebrated the contributions apprentices make to London boroughs, both within their organisation and their community 


      Apprentice of the Year 2018- Thaddaeus Brown

Thaddaeus joined Hackney in October 2017 as a Design apprentice in the Communications team and is studying a level three Junior Content Producer Qualification. Thaddaeus was instrumental in bringing Hackney Live, the Council’s online cultural platform, in-house. This resulted in a £10,000 saving per project for the Council. Producing live design work for the team’s clients, Thaddaeus has generated £6,000 for the council over the last 6 months. He created the slogan ‘I am Hackney’, integral to a campaign which has attracted over 350 applicants. As well as being a great champion for apprenticeships, he became involved in the council’s Young Black Men project and chaired a meeting about ‘stop and search’ involving senior officers, councillors and members of the community after the death of Rashan Charles with maturity and composure beyond his years.




Best Contribution by a New Apprentice- Hannah Cambridge

Hannah is a level 3 apprentice in Bexley’s Adult Social Care Integrated Commissioning. In addition to her normal role, Hannah undertook a ‘user research’ project with Telecare, applying an approach that meant the project exceeded all expectations. Hannah enhanced the borough’s reputation through the trust and rapport she built with service users. Her empathy enabled Bexley to gain a better understanding of how the organisation could improve and make a difference to people’s lives. Hospital admissions have likely been prevented as a result of this work, winning her a STARS award in Bexley’s ‘Your Bexley Star’ scheme. Her passion and desire to make a difference is evident in everything that she does.





Best Progression by an Apprentice- Bijal Bhudia

Bijal’s progression from level 2 to level 3 whilst in the Housing Reviews and Appeals Team in Brent was no small achievement considering the unprecedented demand facing the service due to changes in housing law when Bijal joined. Despite these pressures, she dedicated herself to acquiring the knowledge required whilst proving to be a diplomatic and supportive colleague capable of conducting investigations and decision letters under supervision that are usually reserved for management. Bijal has made functions of the service more efficient and organised the council’s annual staff wellbeing fair. Her involvement both raised the profile of apprenticeships and demonstrate they offer real opportunity for academic and career success.





Best Apprentice Working in the Supply Chain- Sarah Chipperfield

A single parent moving back into work, Sarah had to quickly learn how to balance the challenges of working, studying and raising a family. Starting on paid work experience, Sarah progressed into a level 2 business    administration apprenticeship. Once completed, she secured employment in the planning team and set the goal of securing a place on Willmott Dixon’s management trainee scheme. Sarah’s commitment and dedication allowed her to achieve a

place on the 4 year university course and has become a role model for other apprentices in the company. Sarah was nominated by Tower Hamlets.


Highly Commended: Aaron Lee

As an SME, finding the right person for a Heating Engineer Apprenticeship was essential for Aaron’s employer Clairglow Heating Ltd., who described being ‘completely bowled over with his enthusiasm and energy’ when they first met him. Stepping into the role with ease, Aaron has been described as an ‘exemplary student’ and receives positive feedback from the Croydon tenants he visits who praise his excellent manner and high standard of work.


Best Manager or Mentor- Paul Sammut

Paul always finds the time to devote to the many apprentices he has supported over the last 5 years whilst at Tower Hamlets, never afraid to take on someone with complex needs. He instils confidence in each apprentice, a belief to succeed and reach their maximum potential. Paul always gives learners with complex needs the time, understanding and motivation they require to complete their apprenticeship and qualification. He in generous with his time and advice on new placements and strategies to best manage and support the apprentice. His approachability has resulted in breaking down barriers and ensuring retention of apprentices.



Highly Commended- John Robinson 

Seeing an apprentice having a tricky start to their apprenticeship, John stepped in initially as a mentor and then as a line manager. Since then, the apprentice has gone from strength to strength, winning Hackney Council Apprentice of the Year and securing a permanent role as an Executive Support Assistant.



Best Work with Supply Chain and Local Businesses to Create New Apprenticeships- London Borough of Camden

Camden negotiated 125 construction apprenticeships and 42 business apprenticeships through their planning framework in 2017/18. Camden has worked to promote STEAM careers in collaboration with science, technology and education organisations around King’s Cross. Camden has increased the range of higher level apprenticeships amongst local employers, establishing work experience and improving the equality of opportunity in Camden. In the past year Camden has supported 36 local employers to take on apprentices, including the Francis Crick Institute, Exterion Media, Viacom and Florida State University.