Vision 2020

The future of young People's education and skills in London

  • By anna

This statement of our vision for young Londoners' education and skills in 2020 sets out the key requirments of the education and skills system over the next three years that will best meet the needs of London.

Our vision is that education and skills for young Londoners should be:

  • experiential, built on a sound foundation of learning from the earliest age
  • inclusive, ensuring that all young people have the chance to develop to their full potential
  • equal, aiming to eliminate access, achievement and progression gaps between those who are disadvantaged and those who are not
  • enabling, helping the current generation of young people to take advantage - independently - of opportunities that come their way
  • aspirational, ensuring young Londoners participate in world class education and skills provision that leads to them achieving the skills, experience and qualifications they need to get on in life, and play a full part in the rich cultural life of London and its economy