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The Mayor's Vision for Cycling in London

  • By London Councils

The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling in London is a strategy document which sets out the plans and priorities for revolutionising cycling in London.

It explains the key infrastructure developments and planning guidance for fully integrating cycling into the London transport network. Created following the enormous growth in cycling in London over the past decade, the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling describes some of the flagship measures currently being developed and introduced.

Key Priorities

Vital to improving the quality and safety of cycling in London is the network of Cycle routes. Improvements planned or currently being implemented include:

  • ‘Crossrail’ for the bike: inspired by the new express underground route running from Reading and Heathrow in the West to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the East, the Vision includes proposals for a fast, segregated cycle superhighway designed to speed-up east-west travel by bike.
  • A network of safer, connected routes for cyclists across central London known as the Central London cycling grid. It will be comprised of a mixture of Quietways and Superhighways in the City and West End. A map of the proposed Central London cycling grid is available on the TfL website.
  • Cycle Superhighways will in future be produced to higher design standards.
  • Cycle routes will mirror tube lines and bus routes, making navigation simpler. This will rely on better, more frequent signage using consistent typology across London, with grading of routes so that cyclists know what conditions to expect.

Outer London boroughs see a large proportion of journeys that could be completed by bike, but only comparatively low levels of cycling. To address this, major cycling infrastructure in the form of ‘Mini-Hollands’ will be created:

Key to realising an increase in cycling is safety. Though cyclist safety has increased as more people cycle, the Vision recognises that there is always more to be done, and places cyclist safety at the core of each change.

  • Safer junctions.
  • Safer HGVs.
  • Increased use of 20mph speed limits.