Political groups

London Councils is a cross-party organisation representing boroughs of every political complexion.

This is the current political make up of London at local level

  • Labour hold political control of 21 boroughs
  • Conservatives have seven
  • Liberal Democrats have three
  • In Havering, no group has overall control
  • The City of London is politically independent.

For further information about the Labour group, please contact Ella Watson, Labour group adviser, on 020 7934 9705 or by email ella.watson@londoncouncils.gov.uk

For further information about the London Councils Conservative group please contact  Conservative group adviser,Ekta Gohil on 020 7934 9502 or ekta.gohil@londoncouncils.gov.uk

For further information about the London Councils Liberal Democrat group please contact Daniel Houghton, Liberal Democrat group adviser, on 020 7934 9503 or daniel.houghton@londoncouncils.gov.uk