Recognising local authorities as key partners in the Net Zero Strategy

  • By Anonymous (not verified)
A coalition of LEDNet, ADEPT, Ashden and other local government, environmental and research organisations have set out a blueprint of how the government can accelerate climate action and implement a green recovery from coronavirus and the fundamental role of local councils in tackling the climate and ecological crises. 
Ahead of the publication of the Government’s Net Zero Strategy, the coalition partners produced a second paper, outlining why it is essential that local authorities play a central role and how national government can start to work with local authorities. The coalition called on the government to adopt four key priorities to ensure the success of the Net Zero Strategy:
  1. A clear commitment to a mutually agreed central framework to embed local authorities as delivery partners in decarbonisation policies. 
  2. A clear message that a place-based solution is the best approach for several sectors to ensure that local infrastructure, behaviour and partnership activities are aligned to net zero. 
  3. A cross-departmental approach to working with local authorities. The current siloed approach is a continuous struggle for local authorities and without a collaborative approach, there is a risk that national net zero goals will not be met. 
  4. Acknowledgement of the wider co-benefits of delivering on decarbonisation policies, and how local authorities can support these in a way that will also deliver better public health, reduce inequalities, restore nature and build thriving local economies.