Mayor of London and TfL publish their Cycling action plan

  • By Héloïse Thibault

After the publication of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy in March 2018, Transport for London (TfL) released two complementary action plans in July, dealing with Walking and Vision Zero. The Cycling action plan has just been published, completing the picture.

The plan lays out the barriers that Londoners currently face regarding cycling: feeling of vulnerability, lack of appropriate infrastructure or wariness regarding their physical ability to cycle.  It highlights that 2/3 of trips currently undertaken by car could be cycled under 20 minutes, and that an important number of trips made by people little engaged in cycling be switchable.

The Mayor’s vision for London is that 80% of trips be made by cycling, walking or public transport by 2041. To achieve this ambition, his two main targets are to increase the number of trips made by cycling and to expand the cycling network. The action plan underlines the key role boroughs are to play with TfL to increase the uptake of cycling, as they own 95% of London’s roads. It promises increased support and funding for them to allow for delivery of improvements to the cycling network.  

The plan can be found here, and the Mayor’s press release here.

Héloïse Thibault