Item 7 - London Councils Grants Scheme - Budget Proposals 2019/20 (G11/18)


This report considers the proposed budget for the Grants Scheme for 2019/20 and makes a recommendation to the Committee on the appropriate level to recommend to constituent councils for approval, subject to the agreement of the overall budget by Leaders’ Committee.


Subject to the agreement of London Councils Leaders’ Committee on 4 December 2018, that the Grants Committee agree:
•    an overall level of expenditure of £6.909 million for the Grants Scheme in 2019/20 (inclusive of £241,000 residual  gross ESF programme);
•    that taking into account the application of £58,000 ESF grant and   £183,000 from accumulated reserves, borough contributions for 2019/20 should be £6.668 million;
•    that further to the recommendations above, constituent councils be informed of the Committee's recommendation and be reminded that further to the Order issued by the Secretary of State for the Environment under Section 48 (4A) of the Local Government Act 1985, if the constituent councils have not reached agreement by the two-thirds majority specified before 1 February 2019 they shall be deemed to have approved expenditure of an amount equal to the amount approved for the preceding financial year (i.e. £8.668 million);
•    that constituent councils be advised that the apportionment of contributions for 2019/20 will be based on the ONS mid-year population estimates for June 2017; and
•    that subject to the approval of an overall level of expenditure, the Committee agrees to set aside a provision of £574,000 for costs incurred by London Councils in providing staff and other support services to ensure delivery of the Committee’s “making of grants” responsibilities, including ESF administration of £139,000 required to wind down the current programme. 
•    that a decision on options over the level of reserves going forward should be deferred until the meeting of the Executive Committee in February 2019, with proposals being brought back to a later meeting of this Committee for approval (by this time, the end of project position in respect of the S.48 ESF programme would be clearer – see Item 4 of this agenda).