Understanding and tackling fly-tipping in London - Report

  • By KateHand

Lack of awareness of what fly-tipping is has led one in five Londoners to fly-tip in the past two years, a new report from the London Borough Environment Directors Network (LEDNet) and Keep Britain Tidy reveals.

The new report includes the findings of an online YouGov survey of 1,000 Londoners, who were asked a range of questions about their fly-tipping knowledge and behaviour.

In order to drive improvements in tackling household fly-tipping in London, the research by LEDNet and Keep Britain Tidy makes the following recommendations to local authorities and other organisations or campaigns involved in waste disposal:

  1. Treat the fly-tipping of black bags/cardboard waste separately from bulky waste, as their behavioural drivers are different
  2. Use relevant images when communicating about fly-tipping
  3. Use plainer and more specific language when communicating about fly-tipping
  4. Extend communications about how waste services work and consider use of valuesbased communications to strengthen personal responsibility for waste
  5. Reduce the hassle factor and make bulky waste simpler and easier to dispose of
  6. Ensure that current policies and services do not unintentionally drive fly-tipping
  7. Encourage residents to maximise their bin capacity and avoid generating waste to help reduce excess waste and related fly-tipping
  8. Increase the perceived threat of enforcement with residents, landlords and businesses


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