Polis Working Group meeting on Clean Vehicles and Alternative Fuels

  • By Kate Mouncher

On 19 March 2018 LEPT attended the Polis Working Group meeting on Clean Vehicles and Alternative Fuels.  During the meeting members discussed latest policy developments – including the Clean Vehicles Directive, the Clean Bus Deployment Initiative and the real drive test method for compiling comparable emission data.

All presentations and documents from the event are available on the Polis events page.

The Polis WG event was organised back-to-back with the ELIPTIC Project Workshop.  The workshop was organised in cooperation with EU projects ASSURED and CleanMobilEnergy.  The event was attended by over 40 representatives across Europe, including LEPT.

During the workshop representatives heard presentations from EU cities – Arnhem, Barcelona, Gothenburg and London - with experience in installing and managing charging infrastructure in urban areas. Cities shared best practice, lessons learned and key insights that will support other EU cities in their policy goals to increase EV charging infrastructure in their cities.

The second half the event focused on news and policy recommendation from the ELPTIC project.  The ELITPIC project’s main objective is to demonstrate how costs and energy can be saved by electrifying public transport and optimising the use of existing infrastructure and rolling stock.  The ELIPTIC project is achieving this through the development of new and innovative business cases that focus on the following three thematic pillars:

  • Safe integration of e-buses using existing electric public transport infrastructure;
  • Innovative energy storage systems for rail to increase operational efficiency and
  • Multi-purpose use of electric public transport infrastructure

The new solution connects traditionally separated domains, which aims to strengthen the position of electric public transport, lead to further significant reduction in fossil fuel consumption and improve local air quality through reduced emissions.  Further information, news and best practice from ELIPTIC is available on the project website.

Kate Mouncher