The Cornerstone Partnership - recruit, retain and support foster carers




Cornerstone's programme of recruitment and retention offers a comprehensive ‘end to end’ package of foster carer support to local authorities, creating a lasting and sustainable solution.

Many local authorities are struggling to recruit sufficient in-house carers and have to resort to using Independent Fostering Agencies to provide placements for children at a much higher cost. This often places children outside their local area, meaning a change circumstance and loss of vital support networks.

Cornerstone’s sustainable solution brings the end user perspective into the heart of the service and operates in modules: recruitment, retention, and support. The full programme, including data capture and reporting, runs for two-and-a-half-years.


Our Products:

  1. Foster carer Recruitment – Housing Adaptation Revolving Fund & grants

This scheme helps local authorities recruit more in-house foster carers and helps both existing and prospective carers to secure the crucial additional space (i.e. a spare room) they need. It also provides funds and project management support to work with Children’s Services, Housing and other departments to expand in-house fostering capacity, increasing the availability of localised placements which minimises the harmful disruption some placements can have on children.  

Contact: For more information or to see if you qualify for the scheme contact [email protected]


  1. Foster carer recruitment – internal capacity building package

Working within local authority teams, the Cornerstone Partnership helps Local Authorities upskill and builds capacity within their Fostering Services departments to increase numbers of in house carers. We embed best practice and exit, leaving a customer-focused culture, ensuring high performance and positive long-term results.

As part of this service you will receive:

  1. A short diagnostic report on current service with recommendations
  2. Sales and marketing advice to enhance current plans
  3. Customer service training for key staff
  4. Performance management and reporting tools

Contact: For more information contact [email protected]


  1. Cornerstone VRTM Foster Carer Recruitment tool and Immersive Therapeutic Support

The Cornerstone Partnership has developed a global first in foster carer recruitment and immersive therapeutic support using Virtual Reality. This technology can be deployed in a variety of ways; from a fully hosted service to training the inhouse team to use the VR tools across the many aspects of social work practice: recruitment, assessment, training, support.

Cornerstone VR™ harnesses the power of VR to change behaviour. It seeks to improve carer retention rates and helps with stabilising existing placements by generating “emotional understanding”, avoiding relationship breakdowns.

Local Authorities using VR within their service have seen transformative results.  Ask us for the latest impact data from our VR pilot.

Contact: For more information or to request a free demo for your team:  contact [email protected]


There are both financial and non-financial benefits to local authorities implementing the service:

  • Average foster carer enquiries increase by 30%
  • Cost savings of £265k annually as a result of fewer IFA placements
  • Reduced placement breakdowns
  • Robust performance measurement tools
  • Training and support to improve lead conversion
  • Long term sustainable strategy



“We brought in Cornerstone to help re-shape our approach to foster carer recruitment and I’m delighted to say it’s had a transformative effect both in terms of recruitment opportunities - which has resulted in a significant number of new carers being recruited - and also a lasting impact on the team in their ability to efficiently process potential new carers...With Cornerstone’s help in the space of a year, we have completely turned around our performance in this important area of our work...” Head of Service, SCS

“Cornerstone set out to test a new approach to the recruitment of in house foster carers which centred on targeted, face to face promotion supported by press and social media instead of blanket/generic indirect marketing...We tested a variety of channels and audiences and found clear trends which we used to hone the approach and in doing so supported the service to achieve a 30% uplift in enquiries”. Tri Borough Service Manager


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