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Item 15 - Construction Work Causing Damage to Highways (TEC18/6)

Building works and the delivery of equipment and materials can sometimes lead to damage to highways (including both roads and footpaths).  Legislation allows councils to make good any damage caused by works on land adjacent to publicly maintainable footpaths or highways and recover the expenses incurred.  However, there are a number of difficulties that boroughs wishing to pursue this have experienced.  London Councils officers undertook a survey of borough officers on this issue in April 2015.  This report summarises a number of potential solutions that were identified to address the issues raised and seeks the views of TEC members on the possible next steps



The Committee is asked to:
•    Note and discuss the report
•    Advise whether Members would like London Councils officers to help with sharing good practice
•    Advise whether Members would like London Councils officers to pursue legislative change when opportunities to that effect arise (e.g. wider changes to the planning system are proposed)