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Item 13 - Setting FPN Levels for Offences relating to Bird Feeding, Noise in Streets and Public Urination in the City of Westminster

This report sets out the results of the public consultation into setting an FPN level for three of the City of Westminster’s byelaws: ‘noise in streets and other public places’; ‘urinating etc.’; and ‘feeding of birds prohibited’. It asks Members to set fixed penalty levels for breaching these byelaws. 



The Committee is asked to:
•    Note the consultation outcome. 
•    Set an FPN level of £80 for breaches to the City of Westminster’s byelaws on ‘noise in streets and other public places’; ‘urinating etc.’ and ‘feeding of birds prohibited’. 
•    Set the level of reduction at £50 if the fixed penalty is paid within 14 days from the date of the notice.