Guide to the cap on care for over 65s

Work out what this complex policy will mean for individuals

  • By Anastasia Lungu Mulenga


From April 2016, the threshold above which people have to contribute to the costs of their eligible care was going to be raised to £118,000 and a £72,000 cap on the costs of care was going to be introduced. 

In July 2015, the government announced that the introduction of these policies was being delayed until 2020. 

The detail of the policy is complex.  We had developed this step-by-step guide to how it will work for people over the age of 65,  Despite the delay, we think it is still useful to help people work through what the Care Act policies mean.

You can follow the flow chart - answering "yes" or "no" to a series of questions - and find out whether you would be eligible to have some or all of the costs of your eligible care met by your local authority.

Please note, details of how the policy will work for adults below 65 years are still to be confirmed by the government.


Anastasia Lungu Mulenga, Policy and Projects Manager