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London Energy Project

Our Mission and Vision

LEP enables local and other public sector authorities to achieve the best value for money energy supplies and services.  We are a unique public sector collaboration, funded on a co-operative, cost recovery basis by 39 Participating Authorities.

Participating London Authorities map

The LEP delivery team is hosted by Haringey Council; our principal purpose is to drive innovation in the way energy is procured and managed and to support the implementation of long-lasting changes so authorities can better manage energy use, reduce risk and save money. 

Our vision is of an affordable energy supply market that meets authority business requirements.  Our role is to ensure authorities

  • are confident that their energy procurement is effective and delivering value for money;
  • are treated as important customers who drive positive changes with energy suppliers and can influence market regulation; and,
  • invest wisely in new and emerging opportunities in the energy market, like power purchase and selling generated electricity to the grid.

How LEP works

Our highly practical range of expert energy and carbon management products and services are provided solely to participating authorities. A respected source of energy category leadership, advice and support, LEP is trusted to help

  • authority staff responsible for energy and carbon management to adopt the most appropriate strategies for their local energy requirements and business needs
  • authority senior managers to appraise their authority’s energy and carbon management capability by providing independent evaluation that their approach to risk management is delivering value for money
  • develop efficient back office energy administration practice that authorities can adopt.

In practical terms we enable our Participating Authorities to save and/or avoid potential energy-related costs by:

  • ensuring supplier services meet authority business requirements and expectations for service and value for money;
  • using combined spending power to improve supplier performance at a lower cost ;
  • reducing the impact and cost of policy on authorities by supporting them to act together to influence government policy and regulation;
  • ensuring authorities are able to identify and manage risk and are using their available resources to maximum effect;
  • identifying further efficiencies and providing the route to market and/or tools to unlock them; and,
  • jointly procuring and contract managing services when it makes sense to do so, such as our CRC EES audit service.

For authority staff, being part of LEP is like having access to a senior manager or chief officer that understands the strategic drivers of the local authority business environment and is also equipped with expert knowledge of the energy supply market.

It’s not a resource that an individual authority would need or carry.  It is a shared resource that every participating authority can access;

  • a powerful lever when negotiating with suppliers and policy makers, and
  • an important bridge between the authority’s high level business objectives and energy operations.

Benefit from becoming a Participating Authority

The LEP team is here for the long-haul to make sure authorities’ strategies work and to ensure authorities have independent and expert evidence that value for money is being delivered.

Our ability to represent and support authorities and to influence others have realised c£43m savings/avoided costs to date.  This means an authority, spending £7.5m p.a. on energy and avoiding only 1% of that expenditure would benefit by £75k.

Building on our success in influencing the energy supply market and regulatory environment, and in support of our vision, we want to extend our community to include authorities in the Home Counties. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our work, value for money initiatives and how to be become an LEP Participating Authority, at: [email protected] or call 020 8489 1102.