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News and briefings

Review of the Lorry Control Scheme

London Councils is reviewing the London Lorry Control Scheme to assess its effectiveness, including consideration of its impact on the freight industry, business and the benefits to London’s residents.

We are inviting the haulage industry to provide feedback about the scheme from an operators' perspective. Please complete our short online survey at

We are also running an Operators’ Workshop for the haulage and freight industry, which will allow representatives to discuss the existing London Lorry Control Scheme and the planned review in more detail.

You can find out more about the review on our webpage or by contacting [email protected] (020 7934 9647).

Vehicle Operator Briefing Note

Many of you may have received an email from PIE Mapping which has caused confusion for a number of operators, the main points being:

  • that there has been a change of policy from London Councils regarding Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs);
  • that all individual vehicles must have an approved route for that specific vehicle registration number or you will incur a £550 fine.

London Councils can confirm the following:

  • the message may stem from a misunderstanding, as there has been no change in London Councils policy regarding Penalty Charge Notices
  • the message was posted  by PIE Mapping who provide a route approver service for their customers, and not by London Councils who are responsible for the London Lorry Control Scheme;
  • the London Lorry Route Approver is an optional commercial service provided by PIE Mapping, which provides customers with compliant routes. This service is not essential for compliance with the London Lorry Control Scheme.
  • operators are required to register all vehicles which are over 18 tonnes MGW with London Councils, to enable them to travel on restricted roads in London.
  • operators do not need to agree specific routes for individual vehicles for all journeys, but need to comply with the terms and conditions of the scheme.

PIE Mapping have indicated that they will update their customers with further advice, clarifying their statements.

For further information please contact 020 7934 9697 or email [email protected]