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Did your Freedom Pass expire on 31 March 2016?

If your Freedom Pass has expired and you want to continue to enjoy free public transport around London please contact the Freedom Pass helpline on 0300 330 1433 (Monday-Sunday, 8am-8pm) or by emailing [email protected]

You will need your unique renewal number from your renewal letter, your date of birth and last four digits of the long number shown on the front of your existing Freedom Pass.

If your name and/or address details have changed since you originally applied for your Freedom Pass you will be required to provide proof of your new details. 

If you are a resident in the London Borough of Camden and did not receive your new pass please contact your borough directly by calling 020 7974 6435 / 5919.

If you hold a Disabled Persons Freedom Pass which expired on 31 March 2016, your local authority will have reviewed your ongoing entitlement, and if you are eligible your new pass should have arrived. If you believe you are still eligible but have not received your new pass please contact the Freedom Pass helpline on 0300 330 1433 or email [email protected] for information on what you need to do.

I have changed address since originally applying for my Freedom Pass

What should I do with my old pass?

Once you have received your new pass you do not need to return your old one and should destroy it because it will no longer work on public transport. Ticket inspectors may withdraw any pass which appears to be invalid or is being used incorrectly. Do not lend your pass to friends or relatives to use as this is considered fraud.

Did your Freedom Pass expire on 31 March 2015?

What to do

Write a letter containing the following information:

  1. Your full name and postal address

      2. Proof of your current address please see list of acceptable proofs

      3. If you have changed address and not previously informed the Freedom
          Pass helpline you should also list your previous address 

The letter should be posted to or email [email protected]