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London Environment Directors' Network

Working across London to influence policy and share good practice


What is LEDNet?

The London Environment Directors' Network (LEDNet) is the membership association for London’s Environment Directors, with representation from the GLA and London Councils. There are currently 29 boroughs who are members of LEDNet.


What does LEDNet do?

LEDNet meets quarterly to provide a forum for Environment Directors to share learning and best practice and develop thinking on emerging policy. It is a forum for mutual support and collaboration between directors which contributes to London’s joint working.

LEDNet is represented on the following pan London boards:

LEDNet collaborates with the Association of Directors of Environment, Planning and Transport on common issues. 


Key Contacts

A London Environment Director acts as chair and deputy chair on a rotating basis. The current chair is Keith Townsend (Ealing) and the deputy chair is Dan Jones (Bromley).  

The policy officer for LEDNet is Jessica Lewis based at London Councils. You can contact her at or on 020 7934 9898.