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  • London Councils Taxicard Usage Review Report

    The London Assembly’s report on ‘Improving Door to Door Transport in London’  recommended that ‘TfL and London Councils should investigate why Taxicard usage is falling and why expenditure is significantly below budget.’ London Councils employed a consultant, eo consulting, to examine the reasons behind the lower trip levels in recent years. Their full report can be found here.

  • Reminder of wheelchair safety in taxis

    If you use a large electric wheelchair, we'd like to remind you that in order to travel safely and within the law, it must be possible to secure your wheelchair in the taxi.

    Some larger electric wheelchairs cannot be secured within the legal requirements due to their size and weight.  This means that you cannot use this sort of wheelchair when travelling in taxis.

  • Fixed price trips in taxis

    Fixed price trips are journeys carried out at a fixed price instead of being charged on the meter in licensed black taxis.  Metered trips often mean the cost of the same journey can vary because of the time taken or the distance travelled to complete the trip can vary.

    The benefits of a fixed price trip are: