Funding London

  • By London Councils

London boroughs will work together to ensure that each London borough is better resourced across the full range of public services; to ensure that London receives it fair share of funding; to win more freedom for Londoners to decide how they raise funds for services and to guarantee continuous efficiency improvements in how Londoners’ money is spent. We will:c

  • Lobby to deliver an end to austerity in local government and try and ensure that no London borough loses from the Spending Review 2019.
  • Highlight the vital role of cities in funding UK public services by driving economic growth, where London contributes £32.5 billion in taxes after funding its own public services.
  • Press for government recognition of the unique cost demands on Britain’s cities which in London include 34% of all unaccompanied asylum seeking children, two thirds of all people in temporary accommodation and £54 million on those with no recourse to public funds.
  • Press for London’s fair share of the Fair Funding Review and recognition that dramatic increases in the costs of supporting SEND are creating unsustainable deficits across local authorities.
  • Lobby for the extension of business rates retention and its conversion into a genuinely devolved tax.
  • Argue for greater fiscal devolution to London, in line with the London Finance Commission, so that the city can fund the foundations for future growth.

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