Podcast: Let's talk about homelessness services

  • By London Councils
London has the highest homelessness rates in the country. The costs of handling a homelessness case in London are at least double the cost for England as a whole. Recent research carried out by LSE London on behalf of London Councils and the London Housing Directors’ Group looks at the implications for boroughs’ homelessness services
Kath Scanlon, Distinguished Policy Fellow at LSE London, Elly Shepherd (London Councils’ Strategic Lead for Housing & Planning), and Alex Sewell (London Councils’ Special Projects Lead – Housing & Planning) discuss the methodology, key findings and recommendations from this research.
Listen to the podcast to find out more about:
  • The growing challenge facing London boroughs’ homelessness services
  • London’s unique homelessness costs pressures and disproportionate burdens
  • The impact of the Homelessness Reduction Act, implemented in April 2018.

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The research analyses the impact of the Homelessness Reduction Act and the growing cost pressures on London boroughs’ homelessness services. Find out more about the research and download a copy of the full report.
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