Podcast: Let's talk about the Centenary of the Addison Act

  • By Alex Sewell

To mark the centenary of the Addison Act – a major moment in the development of council housing – our Special Projects Lead for Housing and Planning, Alex Sewell, talks to Mark Baigent (Chair of the London Housing Directors' Group), Professor Tony Travers and Eloise Shepherd (London Councils’ Strategic Lead for Housing and Planning) about the historic legislation’s legacy on council housing in the capital.

The Addison Act, passed in July 1919, gave local authorities new duties, powers, and funding for large-scale housebuilding and was a key part of the government’s strategy to address a post-war housing shortage.

Its author, the government minister Christopher Addison, was a London MP committed to improving the health and living conditions of the poor.

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Alex Sewell, Special Projects Lead, Housing and Planning