Constitution and protocols

Find out about our governing principles and staff protocols.

Find out about our governing principles and staff protocols and download the supporting documentation.

Constitutional information

The constitutional documents that guide the way London Councils functions are available below. The Standing Orders are also known as Schedule 6 and the Financial Regulations’ as Schedule 7 of London Councils Leaders Committee Governing Agreement 2001.

There have been a number of variations to our governing Agreements since they were written in 2001.

The versions available here are the consolidated versions and include all variations agreed up to January 2016. Copies of the original Agreements, four significant variations to the LCTEC Agreement and a list of minor variations made since 2001 are available as separate documents on request via

Staff and member protocols

It is the responsibility of every elected Member, co-opted Member or officer of London Councils to understand and abide by the below codes and protocols. Breaches of these codes and protocols should be reported to the Chief Executive and disciplinary action may be taken.
Members are also bound by their respective local authority's Members' code of conduct while acting as a representative of their authority on any London Councils Member Body. 

Where a conflict exists between a Member's local authority's code of conduct and London Councils' codes and protocols the Member must abide by London Councils' codes and protocols while conducting the business of London Councils.

Constitutional documents
Grants scheme agreement
PDF - 99.63 KB
Financial regulations
PDF - 371.36 KB
London Councils agreement
PDF - 465.64 KB
Scheme of Delegations
PDF - 248.25 KB
Standing orders
PDF - 268.05 KB
ALGTEC governing agreement
PDF - 421.46 KB
Committee structures 2022-23
PDF - 300.26 KB
Protocol documentation
Member officer relations protocol
PDF - 279.67 KB
London Councils conventions
PDF - 406.7 KB
Members rights of access to information
PDF - 188.51 KB
Party group and political adviser relations
PDF - 144.85 KB
Securing political sign-off
PDF - 159.11 KB
Whistleblowing policy
DOCX - 2.1 MB
Combatting fraud bribery and corruption policy
DOCX - 33.02 KB
Gifts and hospitality for officers and members
PDF - 201.85 KB
Guidance on declarations of interest
DOCX - 64.01 KB

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