Carbon compliance and Environmental improvement

Camden Council

The London Energy Project’s Carbon Reduction and Compliance Support includes a common statutory carbon audit service (for CRC qualifying authorities) and guidance on current and changing UK legislation and the impact of emerging government carbon policy and practice (Housing & Planning Act 2016 and any successor to CRC). 

Through CRC Scheme period, LEP’s lobbying and influencing with the Scheme Regulator and Government Departments on behalf of member authorities led to amendments of CRC regulations and compliance measures. One notable success resulted in the avoidance of significant allowance purchase costs for street lighting and shared supplies to social housing to the value of c.£12m over 3 years.  Our support over the last 5 years has enabled CRC Scheme Participants to achieve a 84% Green (RAG) audit rating in 2017 (up from 11% in 2012) with penalties and allowance purchase risk minimised and opportunities for improved energy management/cost savings identified.

CRC audits and technical support is available to authorities in the England and Wales as a stand-alone service accessed through a specific tier of authority contribution or through a call-off contract.  To find out more, contact the LEP team at: [email protected], or on 020 8489 1102.


“a dedicated [LEP] team whose expertise in the field has proven an invaluable resource time after time. The opportunities provided to individuals within LEP participant organisations also serves as means to develop their expertise”

London Borough of Hounslow

Adapting to changing policy and regulation

We can expect change in policy, regulation and taxation post April 2019.  The LEP Team maintains an expert overview of the potential impact on authorities of emerging policy, regulation, carbon compliance and environmental improvement requirements.  We provide a powerful independent expert voice and a position of influence with policy-makers and regulators like Ofgem to avoid/minimise regulatory impacts on individual authorities.   We also work with commercial and technical service providers to develop appropriate compliance, analysis and improvement services, delivered for a fraction of the price authorities that procured their own service could obtain. 

The LEP Team saves authorities significant time and costs, eg our specialist carbon and street lighting audit services minimise risk exposure and deliver cashable savings (on average over £50k per year on street-lighting).

A new utilities landscape

We’re moving into an increasingly decarbonised energy landscape of local generation, solar and wind. By 2024, electrification of our cities and concerns over climate change, floods, draughts, poor air quality will change the way authorities buy and use energy and water.

A new energy landscape of solar and wind may be ‘green’ but also offers unpredictable energy sources. The drive to buy green energy must be at no additional cost and must use better hedging strategies such that we benefit from supply volatility. The LEP Team is exploring how we and our tax-payers can best manage the practicalities of this and benefit from a decarbonised energy portfolio.  Innovations in our communities might include retrofitting existing street lighting columns with electric vehicle charging points, or replacing small landlord lighting supplies with solar and battery technology.  To find out more about the LEP’s work on the future authority utilities landscape contact the LEP Team at: [email protected], or on 020 8489 1102.